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***New Product***
Coretec o.n.e Engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Super durable - features a 12mm commercial rated wear layer for maximum durability.
100% waterproof - will never swell - will not expand.
Glueless - Click install.

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes: 

Vigourously scrubbing a carpet stain will damage the fibers.  Also, it can push the stain deeper
into the carpet.  Using a wrong cleaning solution can lead to damage & discoloration. Remove
a spot as soon as possible. Over saturation your carpet with cleaning solution can lead to a buildup
of dirt-attracting residue. Professional csrpet cleaning is a necessary part of extending the ife of your
carpet.  Manufacturers recommend carpets to be cleaned every 12-18 months. 

The wood look for ceramic and porcelain has become one of the hottest trends in
the flooring industry- being used in small & large, residential & commercial applications,.
Tile is great to use in areas that tend to get wet, like bathrooms, kitchens, pool houses.
It give you the wood look with the water damage to your product.
Some are using it on backsplashes, or feature walls.
Most wood look tile comes in 6"x24" or 8" x36"
 Can't find the right area rug or stair runner?  We have a service available to bind a piece
of carpet to fit your needs.
Use your own left over carpet to match your project - buy one of our remnants -
or we can order in just the right piece you are looking for !